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A New Cast of Characters for Toronto’s Neighborhood Watch Signs

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Where some may have seen only an old sign faded after years of sun exposure, Toronto artist Andrew Lamb (@dcmism) saw an opportunity. Since 2012, Andrew has treated his hometown’s weathered Neighborhood Watch signs as a blank canvas, adorning them with whimsical figures from pop culture.

"My work tends to deal with altering urban infrastructure in a playful manner," explains Andrew. In this case, it’s about repurposing municipal infrastructure to "invoke nostalgic happy memories" with the help of characters as diverse as Zelda, Bruce Lee and the Planeteers.

What are the keys to success when modifying a sign? “Use a laser printer, not an inkjet,” says Andrew, “and don’t fall off your ladder.”


Overheard in the Halls of Hogwarts - 21st century edition

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the entire fucking show in one picture

like mother, like son

get the fuck out

make me choose: walk the line or the notebook?


talk dirty to me


Coney Island photographed in the 1940s (x) (x) (x) (x) (x)

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i am the passenger
i ride and i ride
i ride through the city’s backsides
i see the stars come out of the sky

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The National - This Is The Last Time

You’re the only thing I want,
And I said I wouldn’t cry about it.

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