This is a story of boy meets girl. But, you should know upfront, this is not a love story.

the black sisters | wartime


The Louvre during the Second World War.


Perfectly Clear by Chirart


Chateau R., Greenhouse

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Lily Luna Potter

Years later there will be books written about the Potters’ youngest daughter, with milestones on the back cover. Age 1: Lily Luna made her crib levitate. Age 4: Lily Luna drove her mom crazy by continuously transforming her oatmeal into candy. Age 11: The Hat screamed “Gryffindor” so loudly as if the girl’s head was on fire. Age 13: Lily Luna figured out how her late uncle Sirius made a motorcycle fly (Arthur and Molly sent a very contradictory Howler about that). Age 14: Lily broke the record of time a girl at Hogwarts has ever spent in detentions. Age 15: …

Well, okay, maybe they won’t write a book like that. Maybe instead there’ll be a much simpler book. “Still apparating to work? So last century. Turn your Muggle automobile into a metal dragon you know you deserve! by Lily Luna.” “Grandpa, that’s lengthy title!” Lily laughed. “Oh, you’ll figure it out! Now, listen to me, I’m going to explain to you how I made that car your dad and uncle broke invisible! And you’ll tell me what would you do differently, eh?”

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Naive by The Kooks

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